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        我的創作因自然而生,以自然為題材創作各種系列作品,外觀呈現有各種花卉、植物、森林、魚、鳥、動物、山川、流水、瀑布、岩石…..等自然之美。內觀呈現有 自然與心靈、自然的能量、自然的抽象…等超自然之探索。創作的方式,除了傳統壓克力彩抽象藝術外。近來以新型態的科技藝術、新媒體藝術的來創作平面、立體和動畫藝術,尤其在元宇宙世界的AR擴增實境和NFT藝術,創作出多樣貌的作品,秉持當代藝術實驗創新的精神,在藝術的領域不斷創新發表新作。

Jerry Hong

​     淡江大學建築學系         學士
     美國密西根州聖母大學 碩士

      台灣科技藝術學會         會員
      高雄市現代畫學會         會員
      高雄師大攝影學會         理事

My creations are born of nature, and I create various series of works with nature as the theme. The appearance presents the beauty of nature such as flowers, plants, forests, fish, birds, animals, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, rocks, etc. Vipassana presents supernatural explorations such as nature and mind, natural energy, natural abstraction, etc. The way of creation, in addition to the traditional acrylic color abstract art. Recently, he has created graphic, three-dimensional, and animation art with new forms of technological art and new media art, especially AR augmented reality and NFT art in the metaverse world, creating works of various appearances, adhering to the principle of contemporary art experiment innovation Spirit, constantly innovating and publishing new works in the field of art.

​​Bachelor of Architecture, Tamkang University, Taiwan
Master's degree, Madonna University, Michigan, USA

Member of Taiwan Art & Technology Association
Member of Kaohsiung Modern Painting Society
Director of the Photography Society of Kaohsiung Normal



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