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Jerry Hong

​     淡江大學建築學系         學士
     美國密西根州聖母大學 碩士

      台灣科技藝術學會         會員
      高雄市現代畫學會         會員
      高雄師大攝影學會         理事
      高雄市愛樂協會             顧問
      新藝居藝術             藝術總監

Apply metaverse augmented reality AR, AI artificial intelligence and technological expression to works of art, from appreciating art, interacting with art, to creating a cross-field combination of people and various arts.
         Adhering to the spirit of continuous innovation in contemporary art, we explore the possibilities of art without limitation under the development of science and technology. The work breaks the boundary between representation and abstraction, crosses the gap between painting and video, and attempts cross-field performance of science and technology art and literature, music, dance, film and new media. Continuing the spirit of traditional art, adding the new blood of science and technology to create a creation with beauty, warmth, humanity and spiritual meaning, art and technology work together to create a new realm of art.

​​Bachelor of Architecture, Tamkang University, Taiwan
Master's degree, Madonna University, Michigan, USA

Member of Taiwan Society of Art and Technology
Member of Kaohsiung Modern Painting Society
Director of Kaohsiung Normal University Photography Society
Kaohsiung Philharmonic Association     Consultant
New Art House Art       Art Director

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